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Welcome To EasyOnlinePortals

EasyOnlinePortals is based on the design and operation of industry leading bulletin board style portals across the globe. Leading, results oriented and powerful internet marketers, we are also launching smaller sites in specialist niche markets. We are a dynamic and reactive organization who can take advantage of new fast growing markets.

We entered the Online Media market at a very exciting time and forsee incredible growth. We also welcome specialist affiliate marketing opportunities where we take a joint venture, or joint marketing, revenue share position. If you have the product, we have the online marketing skills!

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NEW !! Small Business Websites

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EasyOnlinePortal.com - smb If you run a small business, having a website opens up new markets for you and can bring you more business. Whether you want to provide information, sell services or accommodation, promote your restaurant or café, sell food or wine online all you probably need is a simple website of a few pages. Most websites are developed in HTML language and offer you no flexibility at all. You are reliant on a webmaster to make every change for you, and this means a lot of ongoing, unpredictable costs. It can also mean your website is out of date! At Easy Online Portals we think it should be easier for small business so we offer a special Small Business Web Package.

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Also EasySell Contributes

EasyOnlinePortal.com - Contributes In line with our core principles of global citizenship and contributing wealth back, Easy Online Portals will be contributing a % from the income of every website to selected environmental non-profit organisations.

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The Investors

EasyOnlinePortal.com - Investors Easy Online Portals offers investors a ground floor opportunity to invest in this exciting new concept for global media.

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Environmental Projects

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I support EasyGreen! EasyGreen is a great new environmental portal to help you understand the issues affecting the planet today with climatic change, pollution and other environmental stresses. EasyGreen provides solutions YOU can be part of.

Incorporating, EasyGreenBook a social network of people who want to commit to change in the way we use our valuable resources and publicly say ?I Care!?
EasyGreenCredits is a sensible, rational alternative to the carbon offsetting sites. EasyGreenCredits will differentiate itself by offering projects dedicated to a cleaner, sustainable Earth, not just carbon credits which cannot be clearly quantified or explained. EasyGreenCredits portals are being developed with a mission to help people to find easy ways to assist in minimising the damage of modern lifestyles and industry to our atmosphere. We believe it is not too late to stop, or even eventually reverse, unnatural global warming. We believe we can help allow the Earth to breathe again.

This is a portal with a passion and purpose. To facilitate the collection of small amounts of money from individuals, groups and companies, who wish to contribute to a clean up of our planet. To offer customers a selection of personally vetted, small community projects in which to invest these funds. You will be able to actually see the benefit of your donations! You will know exactly where the money is going and how much! Consistent with Easy Online Portals community citizen campaign for environmental protection, EasyGreenCredits will be a non profit company, licensing the use of the Easy brand and contracting EasyOnline Portals to develop and manage our portals. We commit to operating on a 12% margin thus investing 88% of all income received to the project plans nominated, this will make us the highest green earth collaborative contributor on the planet today*.

We also commit to transparent operation and will publish our accounts quarterly on the site to ensure integrity for our customers.

We Plan to Launch the English Language Portals in September 2011 for more information and to keep updated please visit:

• www.easygreensite.com

*Correct as at 1st September, 2008 against published tables of carbon offsetting sites.

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EasyGreenInvestor is a sister portal for EasyGreenCredits and part of our environmental brand. It is innovative, fresh and will provide information and links for investment in green industries of the future. We cannot share the full exciting story behind this portal as it is too sensitive until we are ready to launch in 2011.

Registered for future development:

• www.easygreeninvestor.com

Our Projects

Easysell Brand Projects

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EasyOnlinePortal.com - EasySell.com.au

EasyOnlinePortal.com - EasySell.net.nz

EasyOnlinePortal.com - EasySellAmerica.com
EasySell Clean, Bold Advertising Online!

Easysell is a classified advertising and online shopping website designed with only the User in mind. Very easy to use, Easysell offers high impact graphics for sellers and buyers but has clear, simple navigation buttons and ensures everyone in the family can use it. Banner advertising is kept to a low minimum. Easysell has additional security in place to try and manage the content to be scam free without impacting genuine sellers and buyers. Simplicity, good values and clean space differentiates Easysell in the online market.

EasySell currently operates in three key Pacific markets - Australia, New Zealand and United States of America. Launches are scheduled for Canada and European Markets.

• www.easysell.com.au
• www.easysell.net.nz
• www.easysellamerica.com

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EasySell 4 Kids

EasyOnlinePortal.com - Easysell4Kids.com Under Development.

A logical extension in the EasySell family of portals, to develop a safe and easy environment for kids and develop new markets for EasySell brand. It will include a monitored chat environment for the under 18 market. We believe that a membership based, realistically priced subscription service will be welcomed by parents around the globe. Apart from forecast revenues, the marketing value of this portal will be exceptional added value to the EasySell brand.

Registered for future development:

• www.easysell4kids.com

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EasySellMoney is part of the EasySell family and will offer finance industry portals that meet identified opportunities in this high value market. The intent for these portals is to reach the small investors in the global market. This sector of the market is largely ignored and poorly catered for, the concept for this family of portals is incredibly exciting, innovative and inline with the EasySell brand image of simple, easy to use, clean and informative.
We are in early stages of identifying the international finance organisations that we believe have sufficient vision and innovation to work with us on this project. We expect this family to ultimately be one of our largest portals. It is a new concept, for a market with a clearly identified opportunity!

Registered for future development:

• www.easysellmoney.com
• www.easysellmoney.com.au
• www.easysellmoney.co.nz
• www.easysellmoney.co.uk
• www.easysellmoney.eu
• www.easysellmoney.net

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Terrie Anderson Brand Projects

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Terrie Anderson

EasyOnlinePortal.com - Terrie Anderson The Terrie Anderson website is to facilitate the promotion and sale of her work in human potential and leadership. Terrie has courses available for Leadership, an attached Amazon affiliate store for recommended reading and music, membership for mentoring and coaching, and of course direct promotion and sale of The Little Red Success Book. This site is well marketed on the internet with high levels of multimedia and like all Easy Online Portals websites links back to the other key websites to generate traffic and market awareness.

• www.terrieanderson.com

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999 The Legend

EasyOnlinePortal.com - 999

999 Legendary Selling For The 21st Century is available as both an impressive 290 page companion guide (book) and an Enterprise Sales Coaching Course. It is suitable for sales improvement in any industry but especially applicable to industries where long term strategic relationships, complex solutions sales or high value sales are needed.

It is particularly recommended for those organizations involved in:

• Telecommunications
• IT Solutions and Outsourcing
• Software Companies who sell SaaS
• Service Providers and High End Consultancies
• Chemicals and Industrials
• Environmental Solutions
• Finance and Banking Services
• High Value Capital Equipment Sales
• Real Estate

The program is generic, so it will effectively enhance your existing CRM. It is a completely unique program that focuses on the critical element of success - people to people independent of systems and methodologies. This protects and enhances your existing investment in CRM technology, and systems.

This outstanding coaching program can change your destiny as an individual or a company!

The content of the course is based on the guide written by Terrie Anderson

• www.999thelegend.com

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